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Has Your HVAC system been making strange sounds and smells, or refusing to turn on at all? It can be difficult to focus on anything other than staying comfortable when your furnace or AC goes awry. Fortunately, Upslope Heating and Cooling is here to help with our affordable services for HVAC repair in Centennial. Our experts are equipped to handle all types of air conditioning and heating systems. Ensure that your unit is repaired quickly and efficiently, without worrying about breaking the bank. We can even offer emergency support every day of the week for sudden breakdowns. 

Contact our locally operated specialists at (720) 740-6652 or get in touch online for effective HVAC troubleshooting.

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  • “Ben is a very detail-oriented person, and he likes to make sure things are done right. I also appreciate how available Upslope Heating and Cooling is. If there is a problem, they come right out. Good company!” - Neval G.
  • “Thanks Ben and Dylan for providing your expertise and your professionalism.” - David A.
  • “They are professional and explain what they are doing!” - Barbara W.
  • “Alex and Dylan were great and were able to get the system diagnosed and up and running.” - Morgan K.
  • “We had them remove an air conditioning unit off the patio. Ben was the technician who came out and he was awesome! I plan on using them again in the future.” - Patrick C.
  • “Thanks to Ben and Alex for their excellent service.” - Matt B.
  • “I am a HOA property manager and have used Upslope for multiple issues within my community.” - Kami K.
  • “We could not find anything close to how respectful and hardworking the Upslope crew was.” - Katrina G.
  • “The quality of the workmanship is what I was looking for and they certainly came through on their end.” - Marcella T.
  • “I really appreciated Ben's attention to detail and an experience like this is why we repeat customers who have referred Upslope to our neighbors.” - Jason H.
  • “Would recommend for any HVAC issue.” - Pat B.
  • “I would tell anyone thinking of giving them a call to go for it, you will not be disappointed. I will definitely use them again if I need any type of plumbing repairs.” - Bob W.
  • “His quote was reasonable and he selected products that fit what the house required without running up the price.” - Sally G.
  • “I will be a customer for life and have absolutely no issues referring Ben to friends and neighbors.” - Julie E.
  • “The technician arrived on time and was able to make an assessment of the unit quickly. He took the time to explain his findings from the assessment and also explained what he could do to fix it and gave us some options.” - Coleen D.
  • “Couldn’t stop raving about his professionalism and general attitude.” - Steve B.
  • “The technician was a really great guy. He showed up on time and explained everything thoroughly. I would definitely recommend them.” - Chrissy F.
  • “One more thing they were recommended to me by another HVAC company - that says a lot about the company when your competitors will recommend you!” - Sean B.
  • “I continue to use them because I find them reliable and knowledgeable. They simply do good work and I trust them!” - Eric C.
  • “I highly recommend Upslope, they did an amazing job.” - Katie A.
  • “They take care of my condos, my office building and our home.” - Neval G.
  • “Ben has been attending to our heating/cooling needs for 3yrs with superior service, price and high quality, prompt work!” - Ricky F.
  • “With such thoughtful, efficient service done right on time for a good price, who could ask for more?” - Justin L.
  • “Ben Chavez is the most thorough and knowledgeable contractor we have ever encountered.” - Matt N.
  • “Ben was great to work with and I’d highly recommend Upslope any day of the week.” - Emily A.

Why Is My HVAC System Making a Grinding Sound?

Although heaters and ACs make some small sounds here and there, certain noises indicate trouble is brewing. If the HVAC system is making a grinding sound, for example, it is likely due to an issue with one of the mechanical components. The grating noise could be caused by a malfunctioning motor or a loose or worn belt. When left untreated, this issue can lead to further damage to the entire system and even potentially result in costly replacement parts. It is recommended to have a professional HVAC technician inspect and diagnose the issue to prevent further damage and ensure the system properly functions.

What Occurs During an HVAC Inspection

When residents have been experiencing trouble with their heating and cooling units, the first step to take is to call a professional to perform a detailed inspection. Although a system may be experiencing problems, from limited airflow to obnoxious noises, the cause may not be obvious. During a comprehensive examination, professionals test the whole system to discover where the issue is arising. 

Throughout the inspection, residents can depend on our careful technicians to:

  • Test the ignition system to see if it starts easily.
  • Pay attention to any strange, prolonged noises that may be coming from the system.
  • Clean and lubricate the blower motor and wheel to improve the system’s efficiency.
  • Inspect all the components for any signs of wobbling or wear.
  • Examine the heat exchanger for any potential issues.
  • Inspect the pilot and valves to ensure they are fully operational. 
  • Clean and inspect grills, air filters, and the ventilation system.
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The Benefit of Proactive HVAC Repairs

It is understandable that homeowners may initially be hesitant about calling for support, hoping that a small glitch in their system will just go away on its own. However, waiting longer never fixes the problem but makes it worse. Moreover, proactive repairs will help the individual parts of the system run more efficiently, cutting energy bills that rack up over the months. To avoid having to pay for an expensive replacement, get in touch with our professionals at Upslope Heating and Cooling from the beginning. 

Have Questions? We Have Answers!

  • How long does the average furnace last?

    With the proper installation, maintenance, and care, a home furnace can last approximately 20 years. Similarly, as with an air conditioner, a furnace can be made to last longer with regular inspections and extra care.

    Factors to consider in choosing the right HVAC system:

    • Your budget
    • Your climate
    • How many rooms you need heated or cooled
    • If you enjoy using an air conditioner versus a fan
    • If you have allergies or sensitivities to dust
  • How long does the average air conditioner last?
    Depending on your usage, care and maintenance of your air conditioner, the average unit is known to last around 16 years. You can always make your unit last longer by performing regular inspections and ensuring all parts and pieces are clean and in good working condition.
  • What does HVAC mean?
    HVAC is an abbreviation that stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. An HVAC specialist’s job involves the installation, repair and maintenance of a commercial or residential HVAC system such as an air conditioner or heater.
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