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Furnace Services in Highlands Ranch

The majority of homes and businesses in Highlands Ranch rely on heating systems such as furnaces to ensure that their homes and business are supplied with comfortable air quality. Although different furnaces can differ from model to model, they generally operate on similar principles. This article aims to address some aspects of how a typical home furnace works as well as discuss some common problems associated with them. 

The purpose of this article is meant to inform our valued Highlands Ranch customers to empower them to have more confidence when it comes to shopping for a new furnace or repairing their pre-existing residential or commercial heating unit. As a company, we believe in sharing our knowledge with our customers so that they feel more confident about the work that we do.

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Some Basic Information About Furnaces

Today’s furnaces have two separate air flow systems to create heat within the rooms of a building. They often employ gas burners fueled by either natural gas or propane to generate heat.

Some Common Parts of Furnaces:

  • Draft Inducer Fan Motor: This motor draws air into the burner assembly which in turn warms the heat exchanger within the furnace. This air is then released to the outside of the home because this air contains harmful toxins such as carbon monoxide.
  • Blower Fan: This draws air through the return vent, blows it past the heat exchanger, which then heats it. This air then gets pushed through air ducts in the home and through floor or ceiling vents which heat the various rooms of the building.
  • Thermostat: Sets the desired temperature within a room and communicates with the furnace to ensure consistent air quality control and temperature. This is usually powered by the batteries or the thermostat control board. It is best for the thermostat to be positioned in a central, cool place in the home away from direct sunlight for optimal efficiency. The flow of heating is now in full effect, as the heat in the room circulates through the return vent and back into the furnace. When the thermostat’s thermometer senses that the room is heated to the desired temperature, it sends a message to the furnace to turn off. When the room’s temperature falls below the desired degree, the thermostat sends a message to the furnace to turn back on. This continues throughout the day.
  • Filter: The furnace filter ensures proper air circulation and quality. It is important for the furnace filter to be checked monthly for optimal efficiency.
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Furnace Specialists Near Me

Every so often, it is important for your Highlands Ranch furnace specialist to fully inspect your residential or commercial heating system to ensure that all of its parts are in working order. At Upslope Heating and Cooling, we recommend that this type of checkup be done once a year before the winter season begins. If you are in the market for a new furnace, or need your pre-existing unit serviced or inspected, do not hesitate to call our Highlands Ranch office today. We look forward to working with you!

Have Questions? We Have Answers!

  • How long does the average furnace last?

    With the proper installation, maintenance, and care, a home furnace can last approximately 20 years. Similarly, as with an air conditioner, a furnace can be made to last longer with regular inspections and extra care.

    Factors to consider in choosing the right HVAC system:

    • Your budget
    • Your climate
    • How many rooms you need heated or cooled
    • If you enjoy using an air conditioner versus a fan
    • If you have allergies or sensitivities to dust
  • How long does the average air conditioner last?
    Depending on your usage, care and maintenance of your air conditioner, the average unit is known to last around 16 years. You can always make your unit last longer by performing regular inspections and ensuring all parts and pieces are clean and in good working condition.
  • What does HVAC mean?
    HVAC is an abbreviation that stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. An HVAC specialist’s job involves the installation, repair and maintenance of a commercial or residential HVAC system such as an air conditioner or heater.
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